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Founded in 1997, Wenzhou Cassia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on security technology and integrating research, development, manufacturing, sales, and system integration. Since the establishment of the company, cassia has always attached great importance to R & D investment and technology accumulation, with core technology and independent R & D capabilities in the industry.


Cassia is committed to the development and application of NDT monitoring technology, covering LED super light viewers, film densitometer, digital HD camera, network storage, video integrated platform, center management software, and other NDT monitoring products and solutions. At present, the products have been successfully applied in aviation, nuclear power, electric power, military industry, petrochemical industry, petroleum pipeline, public transportation, transportation, laboratory, colleges and universities, and other fields in more than 100 countries and regions. In the international market, Cassia is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers that can sell products in batches to the European and American markets. So far, Cassia has successfully entered the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Middle East, and other countries and regions.
Cassia firmly believes that "customers succeed, we succeed", always pays attention to the details of products, based on its own technical advantages, introduces professional processing partners, supplemented by perfect after-sales service network and supply and marketing channels, and is determined to provide customers with high-quality and efficient application service solutions, and is determined to become a good global NDT monitoring products and solutions supplier.

Company slogan: customers succeed, we succeed.
Core values: integrity professional team innovation
Interpretation of core values


In Peru, there is a bird that looks like a crow. It's called "Cassia". However, it sounds much better than crows. This bird likes to eat sweet willow leaves. It has a very special way of eating: first, take the broken branch to the ground, then dig a small hole in the ground with its mouth, insert the branch into it, and then slowly eat the branches and leaves. When Cassia birds eat sweet willow leaves, they always fly in groups. They are arranged together. After a few days of planting in the branches of the soil, they root after rain and soon grow new leaves. After a month or two, they will grow into half-human tall trees. The arrangement of small trees is neat, which brings great benefits to people - afforestation. Because "Cassia" can plant trees and trees, so people love them very much, and give them a name called tree birds.

The reason why we named cassia and realized that all things are not beautiful but lovely, but because they are lovely but beautiful. Just like it, it has a persistent spirit and substantial meaning of life!

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