High and low end of LED chip and power division
Release time:2020-03-20 Publisher:admin

Difference between large and small power chips: small power chip mainly refers to 0.06w chip, test current IF = 20mA, and optical flux parameters take 3528 single crystal white light as an example; high power chip mainly refers to 1W chip, test current IF = 350mA, and optical flux parameters take 1W single-crystal white light as an example.

Low, medium and high-end chips: low-power low-end chip (2.5-4.5lm), low-power middle-end chip (4.5-6lm), low-power high-end chip (6-10lm), high-power low-end chip (60-80lm), high-power middle-end chip (80-110lm), high-power high-end chip (110-140lm)

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