2018 new NDT equipment exhibition cxy CASSIA MDL-50 black and white film densitometer
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Cxy- CASSIA MDL-50 black and white film densitometer

Main parameters:
Measurement range: 0.00-5.00D;
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.05D;
Calibration range: any value;
Display screen: 4-digit LCD;
Optical frequency sensor: American Taos sensor
Test pen: alloy and soft fiber
Probe size: 3mm in diameter;
Power supply: built-in 2000mA lithium battery;
Power interface: Micro USB interface;
Power adapter: DC 5V / 1000mA (100-240Vac);

Development background:
The importance of user experience is self-evident. The ultimate goal of product design is to provide a good user experience. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, a transmission type black and white densitometer must be calibrated or verified. How to make it convenient for users to achieve reliable calibration results through simple settings in a few steps during operation, How to make the portable densitometer suitable for the measurement of different light sources without a light source, how to facilitate the user to operate the test with one hand when using, how to prevent the data collection port from damaging the film during the test, how to solve the problem that the user needs to be waterproof, how to review the measurement results in the early stage for the convenience of recording, etc. these problems are all reflected in one model Can professional instruments bring good experience to users.

Improvement or innovation:
The portable MDL-50 black and white film densitometer developed and produced by CASSIA intelligent technology uses the American Taos programmable sensor. As long as you have a standard densitometer, you don't need to worry about the accuracy of the densitometer. It is an open densitometer accuracy calibration for users. In any case, your densitometer is accurate. This technology is to open the calibration function of the densimeter to the user, as well as the calibration function of the test pen sensor and the zero calibration function of the density value. It can be used with any kind of viewing lamp, or with the "high precision light source desktop platform" with waterproof function developed by us as the desktop densitometer. The alloy test pen with innovative design introduces soft optical fiber and silica gel test pen tip for the first time, which plays a decisive role in waterproof and film protection. The data acquisition button at the front of the pen body can be used in one hand Under the operation, it is easy to collect data, at the same time, it also has 32 groups of measurement value review function.

Tested by East China National Measurement and test center, the zero drift of the product is 0.01, the repeatability is 0.01, and the indication error is as follows: the standard density plate is used: gbw13303 test: the error is as follows:

Typical applications:

Applicable to: aerospace, military enterprises, nuclear power industry, petrochemical pipeline, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, and other units that need radiographic testing.

Honorary users:
At present, the products are mainly for export.

R & D manufacturer: Wenzhou Cassia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

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